Monday, 17 January 2011

Dancing and sleep

I thought I'd be a bit rusty, not having danced at all over my holidays (although I did do a few little balance exercises on my friends' lovely smooth floor). But actually, when I came back I was really happy with my dancing as soon as I went out - my concentration was much better and I felt really relaxed. Maybe it was all that extra sleep. I'm going to try not to hang around staying up so much when I'm not going out.

I think I needed the holiday. Before I went I was going "What?" at virtually every headline and losing my mind a bit at work. Now I accept the inane and the inexplicable with more calm.

If I decide that a night is not my night - for example because the schedule shows a poor DJ, a kicky class, and a Boring Performance (nice of them to put them all on the same night, it does simplify matters) - I hereby resolve to go to bed by eleven, at least some of the time.


cathyarv said...
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msHedgehog said...

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Two to Tango said...

When I feel really relaxed with a dancer leading me, I try to blend out everything but the communication with my dancer and the music. I think of that state "as if I was dreaming". If it works, it's wonderful. Might also be a sort of meditation in dance.

msHedgehog said...

@Two To, yes I think it is meditative, people who do a lot of meditation say similar things. It's a pleasurable state of mind in itself, a level of concentration that we don't need for everything, and I think it's probably something we can cultivate in ourselves, sort-of seperately from the physical skills.