Saturday, 7 August 2010

Tanda Display at Negracha

Diego DJ'd at Negracha last night; and for the first time anyone I knew there was aware of, he had obtained control of the projector that hangs up somewhere above the lights, together with some sort of software* that allowed him to type messages to the room (it was displayed in real time, with typos and corrections as they came out). And he mainly said things like:

We are listening to
Juan D'Arienzo

- that, and messages taking the piss out of his friends, mainly in Spanish, or complaining about the quality of the software. I loved it; it reinforced my recognition of quite a few things that I know and like. Nice work Diego, who is a good DJ and has a real influence on why a lot of people go there.

* There's a Dilbert cartoon where Dogbert in selling something to the boss. The dialogue goes something like this:

There are two kinds of management problems, the kind that can be solved by yelling, and the kind that can be solved by buying some sort of software. That's why I've created - Some Sort of Software That Yells.



Anonymous said...

is it safe to go to Negracha these days? .. i stopped going for fear of my legs and even head!

msHedgehog said...

@Anonymous: no. By no means. Most of the time I don't go there either, but occasionally.

ghost said...

Depends. If you're a leader I'd recommend MsH's recent blog (blogging? post?)
Floorcraft: Exiting the Killzone.

I spent 3 hours at Negracha on Friday using the principles in it to dance both upstairs and downstairs without a single collision, impalement or beheading and was quite relaxed aside from the part where the woman I was dancing with started choking on her breath mint (lovely dancer though).

If you're a follower, then I refer you to MsH above.

@MsH - it bodes well for future displays of music info :o)

Chris, UK said...

> or complaining about the
> quality of the software

People go to a milonga to be entertained thus? :)

Captain Jep said...

oooh can we find out what software he was using? sort of ties into that previous conversation we were having..

msHedgehog said...

@Captain Jep, dunno, I don't go there very often and I don't see him DJing anywhere else much, so perhaps someone who does go there regularly could enquire for us.