Monday, 16 August 2010

The Tables

Oh yeah, at Carablanca on Friday they pushed the tables on the right hand side WELL in from the wall, and raked them, so that officious punters couldn't shove them back. It worked really well, you could walk right round the back of them for the whole evening and get where you wanted to be without being in the way of the dancers, and it makes the dancefloor a more manageable shape.

Also they had a very good DJ, Luca Lamberti (from Italy so I assume he's only visiting) and they serve cheap cocktails.


maya said...

It makes me wonder why it took so long. Love the cocktails, try the empanadas, the vegetarian ones are delicious.

msHedgehog said...

I tend not to feel hungry enough at that time of night for an empanada, but I often appreciate that they have sugary mints too.

David Bailey said...

Excellent - I suggested that to Danny a couple of months ago, I'm glad he bit the bullet and did it.

Now all we need to do is start a similar "Give me a walkway" campaign for Negrachas :)

David Bailey said...

Just to add, I went to Cara on Friday, and I think the "gap" thing is slowly working.

I naturally walked along the gap, without even thnking about it, to navigate around; it was a real improvement in the layout.

The floor didn't feel at all cramped; in fact, I reckon you could squeeze it in even further and there'd be no problem.