Thursday, 22 July 2010

Renaissance Drawings, tango al fresco

I don't feel so dancey when it's hot. But Tangocommuter has a lovely little video of dancing feet from Tango al fresco - I was away - I'll definitely make the second weekend though. I totally agree that people dance better on crowded floors and it's often more fun. I always have a good time at tango al fresco. Go and check him out.

I went to Renaissance Drawings this evening, it's the last few days. Pretty busy; it's an effort to keep calm, choose what to look at, and wait patiently for a space. There's a Titian.

My favourite thing is the little Leonardo of a little child playing with a cat - it's so funny.

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maya said...

What a coincidence !! I was there in the morning viewing the asian galleries, Japan, Korea, The printed image in China exhibition. The best part the magnificent ceramics gallery, which was a lovely discovery.