Saturday, 21 March 2009

Not a Newspaper, Apparently

Michael Fowke informs us all that the Financial Times is not a newspaper, but something on the astral plane, in the mystical desert. I'm not clear whether these locations are coterminous or intersect at right angles, or whether one is a region of the other.

In support of his contention, you hardly ever find it lying around on the Tube.


Anonymous said...

In reading studies I did at university, the Financial Times required a postgraduate qualification to read. Whereas the Sun had a reading age of 6 years old. A shame really - a 6 year old would be better off knowing about whats in the FT than the Sun!

[verification word: popsie. Isn't that cute?]

msHedgehog said...

The FT should do a page for 6-year-olds. When I was six I had a brilliant poster from Abbey National explaining what a building society did - with the links between savings and borrowings and houses, explained by someone strongly resembling Mickey Mouse. The principles were perfectly clear and I never forgot them.