Saturday, 28 March 2009

Friday Night

17:30 Leave work.
18:30 Get home. It's the weekend!
Take off coat and immediately change glasses for contact lenses.
Assemble all parts of intended outfit. (New dress).
Cook and eat something. (2 boiled eggs and toast will do.)
Have shower.
Put kettle on.
Find shoes and put in bag.
Make tea.
While tea is brewing, put new dress on. Dither about whether new dress requires the presence or absence of a bra, tights, or leggings, for correct effect. Conclude that the bra had better be there, but not the tights or leggings. Put dress on again.
Drink slightly overbrewed tea and put face on, except lips.
Finish tea.
Do hair in appropriate style with respect to dress.
Dither about jewellery. Try on alternatives with dress.
Brush teeth.
Do lipstick.
Forget about having found shoes and start hunting for them again. Can't find them. But find a different, better pair. Go to put them in bag and discover previously found shoes. Swap shoes.
Arrange purse, keys, etc between correct locations to reduce likelihood of losing both, even in the very unlikely presence of a thief.
Arrange cheap but intensely practical viscose dupatta to protect up-do from wind and sleet.
Woolly cardigan.
Coat, woolly socks, footwear for walking.
Review kitbag: Keys? Y Purse? Y Shoes? Y Phone/mp3? Y Oyster card? Y
20:40 Get away from mundanity for a few hours.


AmpsterTango said...

Sounds like my pre-milonga routine. Minus the hair, make-up, dress, and bra. Oh, and substitute coffee for tea.


ghost said...

Wake up - go to Negracha

I love being a guy :P

Tangocommuter said...

Great fly-on-the-wall docu-drama: MsH creates a master(?)piece! Again!

msHedgehog said...

@TC - On every occasion an act of creation ... :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right, except I sometimes spill something on my clothes and need to rethink my outfit and start again :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ghost,

I hope you had a shower first!!!

ghost said...

Lol - well ok maybe there's a bit more too it than just "waking up".

Mind you the main prep for me is mental, rather than clothing - I meditate before I get there for example.

Anonymous said...

Have you been spying on me Ms. H???

msHedgehog said...

Ahh, the backup, default, or emergency outfit! I resort to them when something isn't clean or isn't dry or isn't ironed, or when whatever I had in mind turns out, when assembled on the model and critically examined, to be an artistic or practical failure.