Monday, 1 December 2008

Tanta has died

She really knew what she was talking about.
She really cared about the truth.
She was a brilliant writer.

And she was so funny.


Uh oh. we’ve got a downturn that can feed itself and, at the same time, dig trenches.

Tanta (in the comments):
Don’t go there, Dr. Krugman. I tried my hand at being Metaphor Officer last summer, when the roiling tentacles of the credit tsunami were casting a pall over the frozen markets and everything was like all “Bam!” and “Kablooie!” and stuff, and I very nearly lost my mind. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the swirling vortex without a paddle, because you’ll get bogged down in the desert. Trust me; I read that in the papers.

On the other hand, if it eats it excretes, and if it can dig its own latrines then I’m all for it. The alternative is not really worth contemplating.

Tanta - announcement at Calculated Risk (with a picture)
Obit in the NYTimes

[Edit: or, as a commenter on Markets Live, praxis22, put it:
Tanta’s gone?!?! Bugger she was really, good.]

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