Thursday, 14 August 2008

My Mother's Work

granny squares yellow sideWhen I was little, my mother used to make granny squares. She had a big bag of different coloured yarns, and for each row of each square, she would reach into the bag and take a colour without looking. The last row she would always work in black. Eventually the yarns became a big bag of random, multicoloured, black-edged squares.

granny squares blue sideOne day when I was, I think, about ten, she laid all the squares out on the floor, and arranged them in rows with predominantly-blue squares at one corner and predominantly-yellow squares at the opposite corner. She discarded a few, made a few to fill in gaps, stored them all in order and began to join them up.

This is the result. Isn't it beautiful?

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La Tanguerita said...

It's absolutely fantastic!..