Friday, 1 August 2008

The Crochet Coral Reef

A couple of weeks ago I saw the crochet coral reef at the Hayward Gallery. My Mum and I peered closely at all the forms, and had lots of fun discussing how to make them. It's beautiful; and a hyperbolic pseudosphere turns out to be wonderfully easy to make. You don't need to understand any of the mathematics, but if you did I'm sure it would be even more delightful.

What on earth would you do with it afterwards? But making fake coral is a very pleasing way to use up that utterly ghastly yarn you bought by mistake, the one that looked so intriguing and tactile on the shelf. Eyelash yarn, scratchy yarn, plush yarn, ribbon yarn, knobbly yarn, variegated slubby stuff in diced-carrot colours, it all looks wonderful as part of a piece of Art. And it's so easy to do.

The crocheted Lorenz Manifold is by no means easy to do.


Anonymous said...

The Lorenz Manifold wins on beauty though. Reminds me of Hanne Falkenberg designs. Maybe this one:

msHedgehog said...

Oooh, those are technically fascinating. And very lovely in a sculptural way, although not my style to wear.