Monday, 21 July 2008

Not Much Tango

Sorry to my tango readers that there's not much tango here just at the moment. I haven't been in the right frame of mind.

A couple of weeks ago my elbow - which is rather small - got caught in the bit between the train door where it slides open, and the carriage wall on the Hammersmith and City line. It hurt a lot, and I felt very faint and wobbly, and had to be helped off the train (thank you, kind black lady with giant paper shopping bags and a nice voice) and written down as an Accident Report with my name, age, and address. But with eight hours wrapped in frozen peas and two days of one of those elasticated bandages, it was much better. It didn't swell up as I thought it would, and over the following week the weakness, discomfort and tinglyness worked their way down my arm and out of the tips of my fingers; I spent last Friday away from the computer, and now it's completely better.

I wish it were possible to put frozen peas on the bits of your soul that get caught in things. Knitting with my Mum, or friends, or even alone, is the nearest thing I have. But I am very careless at dealing with such injuries, and they tend to get worse, like a fast bowler's ankle.

Thinking about little technical things helps. These are on my list for now:

Not overstepping
Not overtwisting
Feel secure and centred
Put more energy through my upper body
Feel the 'Ornaments' falling into place - and don't think of them as just ornamental.

But I'm looking forward to my holidays.


Anonymous said...

What with you and TB, seems like it's injury week! I'm glad you're feeling better, and can "knit it out" now and then.

La Tanguerita said...

It’s a very precise thought about “bits of soul caught in things”. Sometimes one can really feel it - and it hurts even more than physical injuries. Still, I hope you’ll get over that accident soon. Have a nice holiday.

tangobaby said...

I'm so sorry to hear you wounded your little wing. Perhaps you might go out and take some photos. I am finding photography to be an amazing curative.

Feel better and be careful. I'm glad a nice lady was there to help you. These trains are sometimes a free-for-all.

(((ms. hedgehog)))