Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Suddenly Packed @ 33 Portland Place

I went to 33PP for the second time this Sunday, (see review from my first visit here) and it was packed. Word must have got round. The floor was pretty crowded, but I don't think I had any bumps. Last Sunday, I think I did see Stefano Fava there, not dancing but having a good old look, so maybe he liked it and told all his students. I certainly saw some. Anyway, they used the bigger room upstairs, which is very beautiful, and also opened the other room that leads off it. Be aware that the floor upstairs has a very slippery bit at the right hand edge, and some uneven spots; I'd be cautious about wearing true stilettos, or shoes with very thin soles. My Taras were fine. They weren't expecting nearly so many people, and they'd run out of drinks by the time I'd had my first dance. I'd arrived late, and it was cheaper to get in.

It was really lovely to see this long room, with its giant mirrors and balconies, full of dancing people. Properly dancing, not just getting drunk and bopping around.

Anyway, if the same thing happens next week, the owner has asked them to use the two rooms on the two seperate floors. I think that will be awkward, separating the dancers, and I wonder how they'll manage with the music. It was a bank holiday weekend, though, so it might calm down next week.

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