Thursday, 21 February 2008

Tara Tango Shoes?

[Edit: I did eventually get a response from Diva Boutique, who advised on sizing, accepted my order, and told me that they are expecting another shipment of Tara shoes - so apparently they are still in business, just not answering their email. The shoes were delivered and are very nice - see second post]

Has anyone been able to contact Tara Tango Shoes? One of the email addresses on their site does not answer, another actually bounces with a permanent fatal error, and the international number they give has been disconnected.

I was trying to contact them for a size consultation - and when the email didn't answer, I did consider guessing the size and ordering anyway - but that could be a mistake if they're not really in business any more.


tangobaby said...

I recently went to our local dance supply store and they used to carry Tara Tango. I noticed that their shoes were not on display and the salesgirl told me that they went out of business.

msHedgehog said...

Aaargh! I really wanted the "Volante" style. It's got the lovely cork platform like Veronique Bouscasse was wearing, and also it looks like a cross between a shoe and a frilly knicker. Another number on the website leads to a voicemail message suggesting they might have transformed themselves into Diva Boutique, but that website seems a bit unfinished and it's quite possible they don't really exist, either. [Deleted first version to correct link]

n a n c y said...

ROBIN TARA,ORIGINAL DESIGNER AND OWNER of Tara Shoes has semi-retired to BsAs and is still designing and handling the manufacturing, but has turned over all retail sales to Diva.

I am enjoying my first read of your blog.

Have you tried Comme il faut shoes? The engineering is amazing and the designs are out of this world. I have both brands ( and others, too).

msHedgehog said...

Well, they really need to answer their email, update their website with a phone number that works, or delete the whole thing and put a redirection on it. Because they convinced me that they'd gone out of business.

The trouble with Comme Il Faut is that I've never seen a style I wanted to own. I know everyone says they're beautiful, but I just don't like them.