Friday 4 October 2019

Se dice, and other eye-rolling lyrics

I was paying attention to lyrics on a train last night. There's so much of this "se dice" and "me preguntan" and whatnot. Really a lot. People, when someone is going through a breakup or making decisions about a relationship, LISTEN don't TALK.

Don't repeat their disappointed rants to other people, don't inform them of the silly nonsense that other people are saying about them, and don't ask them judgey questions about things that are none of your damn business. Have some manners and a bit of common sense and perhaps one day the world will be less full of abusive relationships and irritating song lyrics.

Specifically, don't teach people that they have to be controlling, manipulative, abusive or violent in order to not lose face. You can listen without buying into the script.

And ESPECIALLY don't repeat stuff if they obviously secretly want you to. If you do Public Relations you're supposed to get paid. Would a professional PR take the job? If not, why would you? That is what writing songs is for.

[Edit: "se dice de mi" is a comic milonga, incidentally - not strictly what I'm talking about here, but another one where the character is performing for a putative audience in a way that probably doesn't make a congenial friend].

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