Sunday, 4 December 2016

Perfect Things

There are things I want to be able lead and that I could go to a class and be told how to lead.

But they're things of the kind to which I have a deep-down awkward attitude that says, if I can't work out from first principles how to do them myself, I ought not to be doing them at all.


Reinhardt said...

But when you do succeed, isn't the victory all the sweeter for it?

OwenMc said...

Sharing that attitude - and not just for tango! - I have found that (for me) taking a class often times provides one little key which illuminates the whole move.

I find this in work courses too - the most useful have been 'common sense' stuff that I never took the time to think about in isolation; the course/class provided me with the time, a way to tie it into what I already knew, and combining the two led to a more valuable use of my time.