Friday, 16 October 2015

Dancing with DJs

Dancing with DJs is fascinating. A few experiments over quite a few years:

Dance results ..... DJing results
Always on the beat, but nothing in between the beats, and no concept of the musical phrase...... Strong music, senselessly arranged.
Plain vanilla Salon, sense of emotional  engagement hard to find..... Careful, well-organised, reliable sets, if unexciting
Talented and fun, salted with a few things he can't actually do, but only occasionally..... Enjoyable set, with a couple of interesting failures.
Original, interesting, rather vague, and very difficult to follow..... 20% enchanted, 80% asleep
Good, give or take temporary obsessions with something-or-other, so that you dread it coming.
..... Good, give or take temporary obsessions with second-rank orchestras and omitting the Di Sarli tanda.
Smooth, sensual, salon with a heart, good allrounder, averts eyes from Wonderbra at the perfect moment

..... Strong, unpretentious, disciplined sets with a good connection to the floor
Totally secure in what he does. Total calm, simplicity, self-belief, and feeling.
..... Full range of top tracks, so immensely arranged that everyone present is still dancing in the 24th hour of 24 hours of dancing over three days, or so the icebreaking impetus of an opening set lasts the whole weekend, and I've seen him do this over and over again.



Anonymous said...

Fascinating correlation between the two. But I'm intrigued what "averts eyes from Wonderbra at the perfect moment" means? I can't recall ever having seen a workshop on that...

msHedgehog said...

Social dancing is more than just dancing ;)

cindy said... you think it works for women djs as well? I can definitely see a few people I know here :)

msHedgehog said...

@cindy, I don't know - I haven't danced with enough of them yet, and leading is a different headspace anyway. I will let you know if I find out. But these ones are all men. And certainly not all the ones I've danced with. You definitely know one of them. Possibly more, but not very likely.