Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sharing music

Completing the incomplete thought of my previous post, I want to explain again some of what the pleasure is, specifically, in dancing the way I dance.

Imagine you were very young and you had some favourite music and you found a friend who thought it was as just as cool as you did. You could listen to it together and you knew it very well, but you were still two people, hearing it with four ears. You could look at each other and you could wave your arms or go "dum, dum, DUMMMM!" at all the cool bits, and sometimes your friend would notice something you hadn't noticed and go "Laa laa laaa diddly PLINK!" and you would pick up on it as they were saying it and by the time they got to the PLINK! you were doing the same thing, only differently, and more so, and there was so much more happiness in sharing that, than in appreciating it all alone.

And imagine you could hug each other and climb inside the music together, telling each other's bodies without any words exactly how it sounded for each of you.

[Edit: here's a video suggested by Matthew in the comments. It's lovely, and it pretty much makes the same point. :) ]


Matthew said...

It's a wonderful feeling!

This is an example I've used to try to explain to others how the tango connection 'feels' to me:

MOCKBA said...

Right. That's the thing. Only there is more to it - there is no stopping and no breathers and the music just keeps coming, yielding the feeling of dissolution in the shared music.

Modern Tanguera said...

Yes! Wow. This so nicely describes one of the very best parts of dancing tango for me. :)