Sunday, 12 January 2014


I almost remarked to someone "this is Maida isn't it, that is a properly knicker-throwing voice." Then I considered Forties knickers. But you know what I meant.

It has a warmth and richness of tone, and an emotional directness (for me at least), that reminds me of Domingo's pianissimo - and other kinds of things that blew me away to lonely places when I was sixteen. Although in some ways less lonely than the places I actually was.

I love the strong melody of this one, the arrangement, and the simplicity of the sentiment. About the embedded video above, note that this song is not, of course, on that CD. I don't know where you can get a legal transfer of this song, but I think it is possible - try Bernhard. Maybe my DJ friends will comment.

el invierno con su blanco ajuar, 
ya la escarcha comenzó a brillar 
en mi vida sin amor -

Profundo padecer 
que me hace comprender 
que hallarse solo 
es un horror -

Y al ver 
cómo soplan en mi corazón, 
vientos fríos de desolación
quiero llorar -

Porque mi alma lleva 
brumas de un invierno, 
q[ue ]hoy no puedo disipar…


MOCKBA said...

Old DJs say that Maida is a "recent trend", that these records weren't in vogue in BsAs. Today it truly epitomizes the orchestra og Canaro to me. And I couldn't resist translating it to the meter and rhyme, too:

В белом саване зима пришла,
Льдом покрыла, снегом замела
Без любви печальный путь

Страданья глубина,
Напомнит мне она:
Быть одиноким -
Какая жуть!

Прямо в сердце ощущаю я
Ледяной порыв отчаянья,
Хочу рыдать.

Стынут сердца раны,
Зимние туманы
Не по силам разогнать

msHedgehog said...

The recency might be due to recordings becoming obtainable: but I agree, it wasn't much played during my recent visit at least. There's no accounting for taste. I certainly missed it, but on the other hand they play a lot more Pugliese. It's all good. And a Russian translation, how nice!

msHedgehog said...

And young DJs say exactly the same, incidentally.

Anonymous said...

Forget the knickers (I am a man) - that moved me to tears. And if anyone tells me that can be danced properly in 'open' embrace, they need to be lined up against a wall and shot.

msHedgehog said...

I don't see why being a man would stop you throwing your knickers if you felt so inspired, but the logistics (assuming traditional dress) might take a little longer.