Saturday, 6 July 2013

Quiet - sorry!

I'm not sure if I have nothing much to say, or too much to say so that it seems like too much work.

Some of the things I'd like to write about are:

- A beginners' guide to getting the best out of teachers and classes.
- A beginners' guide to getting the best out of being a beginner, which is in some ways an unrepeatable opportunity
- A possible strategy for learning to dance tango, given the kind of opportunities that exist in the big city
- Possible ways of deciding whether you want to do that
- Things you can learn from taking dance classes that are not intentionally in the class
- A video reference of beautiful tango.

- I should really do a few more reviews. A couple of milongas have closed down, and several new ones have sprung up. To do that I need to go to the places, and that means changing my schedule and getting out of my comfort zone - and I also like to let each place go for a while and find its feet, and also go there more than once, if practical, before writing it up. I kind of feel that someone less experienced than me could do a better job of this, these days, since when I go now I nearly always know people and I have a very specific idea of what I like, and usually don't dance if I don't like what I see - which isn't so useful to strangers.


cindy said...

I like your list! hope you'll get to them.

msHedgehog said...

Thanks. Actually I've tried two of the new milongas, and both are disguising themselves as practicas. There's a actual milonga, though, that I won't manage to visit for at least another week or two.

Oh, and a video about shoes.