Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tapas in Barcelona

I was at a festival in Barcelona. One night I was a bit stressed out, alone, and looking for dinner. I looked into this tapas bar and there were only women visible: the lady behind the bar spoke French much better than I can manage in Spanish, so we understood each other fairly well. A lot of the menus there are only written in Catalan and English anyway. I accepted her recommendation of a dish the name of which I didn't understand at all, and it was delicious, even though it turned out to be prawns and I don't usually like them.

I loved her bar.

The festival had some excellent features (superb floor, high and fairly consistent quality of dance, delightful company, some very nice small touches on the details of hospitality) and some that didn't suit me so well (DJing style, seating approach as combined with lighting and DJing, scale bigger than my preference, some episodes of bumpiness). But Barcelona is awesome and I had some beautiful dances.

This was my breakfast. That thing on the left is hot liquid chocolate. The things on the right are porras, which are a sort of extended linear doughnut. You dunk them in the chocolate. At least, I do.


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