Wednesday, 26 September 2012

People in my ipod - Noelia Hurtado

Recently, I worked out (with a couple of false starts) how to download videos from YouTube and put them in my ipod to watch on the train. So I put in, among other things, some dancing people that I just like to watch.

I love Noelia Hurtado. She's so, so into it, she's such an animal. Her feet stick to the floor, and release, as though with a magnetism created by the varying electric current that crackles through her in the musical field. I feel like, if Carlitos put his arm all the way round, he might get a minor shock.

Even when she whips her feet up, which does happen, it never seems like the strained and artificial showing-off that it normally does, even from some of the best. It seems like a direct, uncontrolled expression of joy, wonder, even of exhaustion. I also feel like she's not afraid to make mistakes.

And, watching her with Carlitos is just exciting, like watching a classic Test Match. Warne vs Pietersen. Imran Khan vs Viv Richards. Ian McKellen v Christopher Lee. Two "beings of similar power", testing each other's limits in what is fundamentally a cooperative endeavour for their own mutual entertainment and everyone else's, striking off sparks, making something sublime. I spend half the time just giggling when I watch this stuff. (I totally understand if you hate the music in this last one - I love it, for some reason).

That said, I'd probably watch Noelia shear sheep. Watching her makes me braver and more confident in my dance. And she dances with her mouth open, so there.


Christian said...

I totally agree about Noelia and I think Carlitos has something to do with it. He gives her the freedom to express her musicality. They seem to bring the best in each other. I'm always moved by the beautiful synergy between those two. The yin and yang of tango perfectly illustrated, she has a very feminine softness, he is so definite. You are right about her not being afraid to make mistakes, they seem to live on the edge during a dance and that makes it very exciting.

msHedgehog said...

I agree. I thought she was amazing when I saw her live with her previous partner, but I didn't enjoy the thing as a whole nearly so much.

Anonymous said...

I love your post about Noelia & Carlitos, exactly how I feel about them. I've been watching her videos since she danced Poema with Pablo when she was about 17 but stopped watching them a couple years ago before their break up because didn't enjoy watching them dance anymore. But when she paired up with Carlitos I was so glad that he shows off how wonderful it is to see her just walking (Pablo rarely did this with her). I can see what a brilliant dancer he is and how musical they both are...sometimes I hit mute and can hear the music in their steps, gorgeous! She mesmerizes me with every move she makes and sometimes I find myself holding my breath until the very end.

msHedgehog said...

@Anon - good point. And actually I feel that her very strong walk brings the best out of Carlitos' dance. It's like all that engine has something to drive, with no whirring.