Sunday, 22 April 2012


I was just thinking about how there are some wonderful dancers from Chile; and realised that it's a perfect excuse to post some demo videos I really, really like. Carlitos Espinoza (from Chile) and Mamié Sancy (also from Chile):

I could watch Mamié Sancy for hours. The music goes all the way up from her feet to her embrace. She's well worth a YouTube stalking session. As is everyone else in this post. Here's a great vals with Carlitos.

And here she is with Felipe Zarzar, who I guess is probably also from Chile, but as a quick Google doesn't really tell me, I'll say that I don't know. You know the coolest thing about Mamié Sancy? She has a doctorate in Chemistry and a proper job as a research metallurgist with the Chilean Air Force. Interview at tango-hub here. Shall we try Google Scholar?

I want to watch Carlitos again, this time with Noelia Hurtado. I luuuurve this one. It goes, "Tinnngggg!!"

Alexis Quezada, from Valparaíso. Totally different from all the above, and mesmerising. Since I can do so from personal observation I'll emphasise that he goes in the 'outstanding social dancer' category even more than the 'outstanding demo/pro' category. Céline Giordano is French, as far as I know, and they're based in Barcelona.

I have no clue what is happening here; contiguity, history (one thing after another), or whether somebody did something to make this happen. And really, it's none of my business. I just feel like sending a card to the Republic of Chile saying something like "We have no idea what you're up to over there, but thanks, guys, keep it up".


Anonymous said...

Here an other Chilien couple Paulina Cazabon and Jose Luis Gonzalez:


Elizabeth Brinton said...

wow. maybe it's something in the water...

msHedgehog said...

@GaL: mm, they're nice. I particularly like her smile.

msHedgehog said...

I've just been sent some more very nice Valparaisans, too.