Friday, 3 February 2012

Balloons of 2011

Memorable balloons of 2011:

A velvety dark reddish-brown one with a gold ribbon.
Another one almost the same warm colour, but glossy with a grain, like a cello
An absolutely perfectly smooth brilliant matte silver one with a white ribbon
A burnt-orange and yellow pattern of interlocking squares
A black-and-grey spiral pattern with one line of dark red and a curly white ribbon
A pattern of curving stripes in several different blues
Like paisley, but spikier, in shades of brown and ochre with touches of lemon-yellow and white, sort of Aztec paisley.
A very pretty lemon-yellow.
Bright green, like grass in sunshine, with a very long yellow ribbon.

Love to all my dance partners.

I think the colours come partly from the individual, his dress sense, his dance style, and partly from the music of the particular dance.

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Ghost said...

This is a beautiful post. For a long time, it was too overwhelming for me, but finally I can appreciate it. It still makes my heart ache, but now in a good way, like there's too much joy inside.