Friday, 23 December 2011

New toys

Since I started doing regular classes in Brazilian Samba*, for fitness, and because it's good for my figure, I've got stronger in the muscles that go around the body from the top of the hips to the shoulders. The column firms up and gets more mobile and obedient to command, especially at the back between hips and ribcage.

A side effect, which I would never have thought of, is that now my tango partners can clearly feel through my embrace, not only which foot I am on and where it is, but exactly where my hips are in rotation. You can lead one of those little forward and back floor-level boleos, where the free leg just does a little curl around the standing leg, and you can feel the whole movement happening. I can tell that they can tell exactly how I am doing it, softly or sharply. A movement that seemed nice-looking but otherwise fairly pointless, suddenly becomes a true sensual pleasure for both of us, and a way for my partner to hear my music.

Everybody wants to play with it!

*It doesn't look like the ballroom version at all.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this kind of body improvement is beneficial for leaders and leading too?

msHedgehog said...

@Anonymous - I can't say that with equal certainty, as I don't have much of a 'before' to compare. I'm leading much more than I used to.

But my subjective feeling is that it makes leading very much easier. For example, it's very easy to walk on both sides of my practice partner, in 7cm heels and close embrace. We don't need to open it and we don't encounter any balance problems at all.