Saturday, 22 October 2011

I heart dancing tango

The high from last weekend has only just faded. My regular practice partner says I feel like I've had an upgrade.

At the end of it I was back to something I have thought before - how does it come about that I can do something that much fun with all those men (and some women), and not catch anything or get pregnant or arrested? You don't even have to fancy them; they can be any age or appearance, everyone goes home afterwards, and it's all cool. It all seems so simple.

And it was so great to dance with so many new partners; some I'd seen (but not danced with) before and some I'd never seen at all.

Who thought this up? Sheer genius.


ghost said...


I wonder about this a lot too. The best I've come up with is the scene in Star Wars where Luke's going into the cave and he asks Yoda "What's in there?" to which Yoda replies "Only what you take with you."

If you bring joy and happiness and wonder to tango, then you'll find it with others who do the same :)

Air de Tango said...

"How can I do sthg so much fun and not end up getting pregnant" We all roared with laughter here. We love your blog. Been reading it for a while... if you are ever in the vicinity we'd love to share a few tandas and tons of laughs ;)

Elizabeth Brinton said...

I Know! It just makes us so happy and so grateful. I heart it too, when it all clicks. I am glad you mentioned that you don't even have to fancy them, which makes the people who think that tango is all about sex seem so sad,like they are missing the forest for the trees.

msHedgehog said...

@Air de Tango: Thank you, that's very kind. Are you in Montreal? It's possible I might come to the GP one year, that could happen. Ca serait génial.

@Elizabeth: yes, quite. Maybe we could also look at it as a liberation of the broader impulses humans have towards one another from the rather narrow possibilities of what is, by the custom and practice of any particular time and place, classified as sexuality. But it's the same thing really, either way.