Saturday, 25 June 2011

Giro mojo

To cheer me up. I know I'll want to watch it again. Hat tip Andreas for finding this.

Fantastic. [Edit: look at 02:10-02:20]


Tango Therapist said...

Really a great sense of the feel for vals cruzado here, not just a tango adapted for vals. What teamwork! He does such a great job of keeping her on the bass while dancing the "cruzado" of "vals cruzado." Someone said on a "expert" tango blog that the vals was basically a Viennese waltz by a tango orchestra... well, kind of, but not quite true, as seen (and heard) here. [The cuzado part is the vals within the vals, or 3 against every six beats. She is dancing the normal 2 against every six beats.] Did you notice her little girl dip and giggle at the very start -- so SWEET!

La Tanguerita said...

Gorgeous:-)thanks for cheering me up.