Tuesday, 17 May 2011

L'Oréal Double Extension Beauty Tubes - good performance

Pretty satisfactory product, suitable for tango use.
Picture from L'Oreal.
Update in my search for a satisfactory mascara. This one worked pretty well. It's double-ended  - two bottles with a double-ended brush between them. One end is a clear undercoat, then you screw that brush back in, turn it round and apply the black from the other end. The bottle is red and white, and it's mid-priced, £11.29 at Superdrug.

This is now my regular mascara, as it sticks to its post  very well. The left eye's mascara stays in place. The right eye's has consistently survived tandas pressed up against both smooth and fuzzy faces, with minimal flaking onto my cheek* and no smearing at all. It does seem to thin out a bit, but inspection by friends confirms that it doesn't look unbalanced and it doesn't spread itself offensively over my face. The few flakes (more if I overapply it, or let the undercoat dry too much) can be brushed away.

There's a bit of a trick to application. Apply the white undercoat, then pinch off any globby bits (or use an eyelash comb) and apply the black promptly, before the undercoat dries. It works much better this way and doesn't stick the lashes together much. If I let the undercoat dry, I get horrible clumps, and it doesn't stay on as well.

You remove it by holding a warm wet cloth or sponge over it for half a minute or so - then it wipes or rinses off cleanly in little tubes.

There may be better ones out there, but this did a good job for the price on a very tough task.

*If I'm honest about it, I actually quite like the idea of it ending up on someone else's face, I just feel I oughtn't to! Anyway, I couldn't see it on theirs.


TwoToTango said...

I also have good experience with a Body Shop Mascara "Define and lengthen" At least the brown one lasts very well, also in very warm weather. For the black I can't tell, I prefer brown as it seems to give a slightly "softer" appearance.
Here's looking at you, kid...

Anonymous said...

Think I might try this, but I really think Blinc mascara is the best of this type and is the first. Just one swoop and no fiddling around. Just a bit pricey though @ £15 and upwards.

Marika said...

ooOOOoo - I haven't tried that one yet. So far I've been relying on the L'Oreal Double Extension waterproof in the blue and white tube. That one does great but it can be a bugger to remove. So far I've found only the Almay moisturizing makeup remover pads get the stuff off. Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check this one out. :)

Plain Jane said...

Thanks for yours and others' tireless research on this problem. For a good while I'd been using Max Factor 2000 Calorie, which wasn't bad. But I thought it was nearing the end of its life so I took a promising L'Oreal mascara (not the one you recommend) to BA. Dreadful stuff! It went on in great gobs that gave me four rather than 44 eyelashes, then smeared down the left side of my face soon after. I chucked it in the bin and gave up wearing any at all. I'll give your L'Oreal a try now.