Friday, 22 April 2011


It's waaaay too nice out there to sit in front of a computer.

On my list:
Update on the Dome because the refurbishment has made it much nicer
Review of the Light Temple (another one I don't go to often enough to keep up)
A 'euromilonguero' (my word for it) festival in Tuscany, it was a first attempt but pretty damn gorgeous, I was lucky in my companion and the weather - a picture or two and I must not forget some thoughts on how to get the best out of this type of festival
A mascara that is almost impervious to being in contact with somebody's sweaty face for an entire tanda
A piece of music that's tragically flawed in an interesting way

But now I'm going to get some more freckles. xH


Plain Jane said...

I'm breathlessly awaiting your promised blog on tanda-proof mascara, Ms H. Have you found one? Since the tolerable-but-by-no-means-perfect Max Factor I'd been using looked like it might be nearing the end of its useful life, I left it at home and took a new Revlon to Buenos Aires.
Appalling. It applied itself in unmanageable globs that reduced my usual complement of lashes to four, distributed itself around my eyes throughout the night, then, no matter how conscientiously I tried to remove it before bed, managed to transfer itself to the pillow during the night. Even post-morning shower I had panda eyes.
I didn't bring it home again.

msHedgehog said...

@Plain Jane, oo yes! I have actually found a pretty good one, it is *almost* impervious to my two favourite partners of mascara-destroying height, one fuzzy-faced and one smooth. I had to test it several times as there's a bit of a trick to applying it right.