Wednesday, 15 December 2010

How much joy of music can one small body hold?

If you can watch this right through and not be at least briefly happy, consider seeking medical advice.

hat-tip Theo Chatzipetros


Joy in Motion said...

This is priceless, Ms. Hedgehog! Think of how much more musical all of us would be as dancers if we played air conductor to our tango music (or any music for that matter) as "homework".

Love love love. I hope you don't mind me passing this along on my site as well. Thanks for posting!

msHedgehog said...

I know. I am just so grateful to his mother for putting it out there. Share it! If you look at the channel, there is one of him a year later, it's interesting how it changes (and he incorporates movements from playing the violin).

Anonymous said...

He shows dancers what it means to be in the music. Jonathan is present in the moment and knows the music.

Anonymous said...

He has the movement exactly right!

Added bonus: I now know what to buy my son for Christmas. A popup tent to go indoors and a podium.

msHedgehog said...

@Romney, I know, he's bringing them in beautifully, isn't he. The YouTube comments are full of musicians saying they want to be in his orchestra. I hadn't noticed the tent.