Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Milonga Brava

Can anyone find the lyrics to Milonga Brava? I have searched and failed. I have always been able to hear the first line, "I am the milonga brava, candombe ..." and then a line that sounds something like "I am the sound wave," which would be really good, better than "you are the egg men, we are the egg men, I am the walrus, boop boop be doop!" but I can't make out anything else.

The tune is one of my favourites ever.


Anonymous said...

Yo soy la milonga brava
candombera y entradora
Yo soy la milonga brava
candombera y entradora

Yo soy la expresión sonora
que el progreso deshilacha.
Canción me hizo una muchacha
de boca fresca y golosa.

Y me bailó en la baldosa
quebrada del conventillo
con el mozo del altillo
a quien le dio el corazón.

msHedgehog said...

Ace, thanks!

Joy in Motion said...

Yes, thank you! I love this song too. Another one of my favorites is No Hay Tierra Como La Mía, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find this on CD anywhere :(

Thanks again!

ModernTanguera said...

My advice to search for the name of the song along with "letras" (the Spanish word for lyrics). :)

msHedgehog said...

I just searched a bunch of lyrics sites (and google) for the title, but not the site Anon had. It didn't cross my mind to put 'letras' instead of 'lyrics', for some reason!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone translate this? I haven't quite managed to make sense of it with my limited spanish and google translate.

I am the spicy milonga
candombera y entradora

I am the sound expression that progress frays.
Song made me a girl with the fresh and greedy mouth.

And he/it danced with me in the broken tenement tile with the boy from the attic who was given the heart.

Something missing I think.

Anonymous said...

@ Joy in Motion: You can find Lomuto's version on this cd