Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Saarbruecken Map

Since I know a couple of my friends and readers are going to the festival at Saarbruecken this weekend, and I've already spent the tedious hour with Google Maps working out where eveerything is supposed to be and when, it would seem churlish not to share it.

The pins are the hotels listed on the Facebook page.
The round reddish things are the milongas. The one with a spot is also the location of the Friday workshops.
The blue round thing is the Saturday and Sunday workshops.
[Update: I realised I needed to use more colours so that the key is readable. Click here to go to the map, and then you can set it to the zoom level you need, and print it out with or without the full key and your own notes.]

View Saarbruecken in a larger map

The one at the bottom is the Sunday milonga. If you zoom in and ignore that one I think it is all easily walkable, based on my observations of passing through the town. For scale, I think it only took me about ten to fifteen minutes to walk from Saarbruecken Hauptbahnhof, which you can also see, to the Johanneskirche. But the Sunday one seems a rather long way, so I have to find out how to get there. Some sort of bus or tram probably goes that way, and it doesn't finish late. [Update: this turned out to be perfectly walkable, it doesn't take long].

If there are any mistakes you know of PLEASE comment - I am doing this because I have not been there before, except passing through.


Melina sedo said...

The milonga on sunday is about 20 minutes walk from the church. There is no convenient bus connection, but a cab may cost not more than 7 €.

nemesis of the potted palms said...

The sunday milonga can be reached in a convenient way (a bit walking included) by taking the tramway in front of the St. John's Church (direction "Saargemünd") and then going exactly 4 stops further. Hopping off the train at the stop "Kieselhumes". After that you cross the river Saar by walking over a pedestrian bridge. This bridge is just the prolongation of the "Strasse des 13. Januar". After the bridge turn to the right and not far from there you reach the sector where the milonga happens. See the map ...