Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I agree with the Shaman

I quite agree about photoshopping Gillian Tett. So unnecessary! Anyone who'd fancy the real you gets wierded out, and anyone who'd fancy the photoshopped you is going to be disappointed. What's the point?

On his other observations I have nothing to say.

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Captain Jep said...

Cant access the photo, but the woman herself sounds great.

She studied for a PhD in anthropology before becoming an economics commentator for the Financial Times.

Quote from an interview with her :

She spent a year in Tajikistan during her PhD. "It's just next to Afghanistan and a very similar culture," she explains. "I lived up in a very remote mountain village for a year, as a Tajik girl - wore Tajik clothes, spoke Tajik, looked after goats." So if things go totally wrong with the economy, she's got something to fall back on? "Yeah," she laughs, "I know how to milk a goat"