Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tango @ 33 cancelled tonight

If you want to know why a director of the company that owns the venue was arrested in December, it's in the Serious Fraud Office press release. I can't see that this in itself would be a problem for the milonga, the problem seems more likely to be that Westminster City Council have got an interim injunction [picture of pole dancer, PSFW1] to enforce a planning notice outstanding since 2006 to the effect that commercial uses of the house are not permitted. Compare the house website.

That's likely to be a serious problem, so I should imagine the milonga will be cancelled permanently and they'll have to find another venue; getting planning permission doesn't sound like a runner to me. However, do check the milonga site (plays music) for updates.

1 Probably Safe For Work


Carla said...

There was a documentary on "More 4" that showed 33 Great Portland place used for paid Sex Parties to either participate or just watch!! The program was called Extreme Sex or Extreme London, am not sure.

My friends and I never sat on those sofas at tango@33 ever again.

It seems everyone knew that the house is also used for porn movie sets etc!!!

Maybe they will find a much less questionable place next time.

msHedgehog said...

My personal reaction that stuff is a big "So What?" as I'm not really into Celeb Culture and I just don't care what consenting adults do as long as they keep the noise down and don't try to make it compulsory. Swinging isn't something that I would ever want to do, but I don't find it even slightly disturbing that other people do it, on a sofa or anywhere else. Whatever.

It was a pretty venue, despite the problems with the layout and the floors, and a really nice milonga in a safe, easy to reach location. I'll miss it. said...

"Extreme London"? Porn movies? Blimey, I wish I'd gone now.

On a slightly more serious note, who cares? I mean, good grief, if we knew what happened at all venues we'd be shocked.

So I'm told. By, you know, people.

ghost said...

Hmmm, dunno, I draw the line at people repeatedly having sex on a sofa I'm going to sit on. And if that's not Eww enough, I have great sympathy for any bare-legged women who did enganches on guys who sat on said sofas.

I hope the milonga re-starts somewhere else though, particularly with a "floorcraft room"

Anonymous said...

yes - i will miss the Salon Room. I only made it once and I loved it. finally i could dance without worrying about helicopters or karate kids.

msHedgehog said...

@Anon - I know, it's just so much easier.

@Ghost/DB, That reminds me that Carablanca is at Conway Hall, home of the annual UK Communist Party Party Party. Goodness knows what they get up to. [[JOKE]]

ghost said...

I've heard they do nuevo downstairs at Negracha!

Anonymous said...

@ghost: please, this is a family website.

david_j_bailey said...

@Ghost "I draw the line at people repeatedly having sex on a sofa I'm going to sit on"
Well, fair enough. I mean, it'd be moving up and down all the time and you might spill your drink.

Is this a good time to mention the thing about peanuts on a bar? :)