Monday, 30 November 2009

Milonga de mis perros - lyrics

I couldn't find the lyrics of this milonga I wrote about last Friday, but Anquises has very kindly transcribed it for me (and you). [Update: spotify link, so you can listen, here.]

I have added my own rather free translation at the bottom, attempting to make the English lines fit closely enough to the music that you could sing along if you wanted to understand what you were dancing to, and have the right ideas in the right places.

Mis perros gauchos

Cimarrón, Capitán
ellos son mis camaradas

Yo no tengo más amigos
que mis perros compañeros

Yo no tengo más camaradas
ni los tengo ni los quiero

Cimarrón, Capitán
a mi lado siempre están

Cuando me ven
con un pesar
mis penas dan
en consolar.

El Cimarrón y el Capitán
de la lealtad
hacen galardón.

Si alegre estoy
alegres van
El Cimarrón y el Capitán

No saben qué es
hacer traición
no lo sabrán
ni el Capitán ni el Cimarrón
ni el Cimarrón


My gaucho doggies

Cimarrón, Capitán,
They are my only friends

I don't have no other buddies
Than my dogs to stand beside me
I don't want no other buddies
I don't want none, I don't need none

Cimarrón, Capitán,
they are always here with me

Whey they can see
my chin go down
they try to chase
away the frown

My Cimarrón and Capitán,
They get the prize
for loyalty

* And when I smile
they jump for joy,
do Cimarrón and Capitán
They wouldn't know
how to betray
They wouldn't know
Not Capitán, not Cimarrón.

[Repeats from *]

Not Cimarrón.


Mari said...

thank you thank you thank you for the lyrics and translation!! I love this milonga so much and frequently practice to it (in my kitchen) with my two canine dancers! (much to my husband's embarrassment I'm sure lol)

ghost said...

It reminds me of "Home on the Range"

Noticably they both miss out the line

"And my b**** ex-wife is thankfully far, far away"

msHedgehog said...

@Mari, you're welcome. @ghost, I thought the same. TC thinks it might be a response to "milonga de mis amores".

Graham Hughes said...

Yes this recording is a sheer delight. i don't much like dogs but I love this piece.