Saturday, 10 October 2009

Miscelleaneous and appealing to the animal

I've got some writing in my queue, but I've been feeling a bit sick for a few days. Feeling much better now. In the meantime:

I sometimes practice my Spanish with People en Espanol: today I learned - Marge Simpson se desnuda para Playboy.
The Register - while still mostly an IT magazine - has spent many years cultivating headlines as an art-form, and will publish almost anything for a really good one. This week, Blind one-legged man wins arse-kicking contest (rather a sad story, but a great headline), and German cops impound motorised beer crate ("Looked like a lot of fun", Polizei admit).

In further news of fun, here from Volkswagen and (The Fun Theory), and also via The Reg, are a bin that makes falling noises when you drop things into it, and a musical staircase.

The Swedish text appears to say something about how much extra rubbish was collected and how many more people walked up the stairs. It's certainly fun to watch them. I like the little dogs and the baby, and the lady explaining to her friend in Deaf language what the bin is doing.


Tangocommuter said...

Drop the sickness in the bin and walk up the musical stairs... Hope you'll soon be back in the milongas.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post, Ms. H. Hope you feel better

msHedgehog said...

I feel fine now, thank you! A proper rest does wonders.