Thursday, 30 July 2009

Professional Integrity

More off-topic - well, I think it's quite on-topic in several ways, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the interested reader. Anyway, this guy is a gem.

It's all about trust. You can sell people a lot (or in this case, you can sell their mothers a lot) by telling them what they don't need, because it creates trust.

(Ladies: I think his tutorials are very handy.)


Anonymous said...

He is right about being honest and creating trust. I am now a retail therapist again (having been one in my youth)and we are pushed to sell and they tell us how to do it. I can't for the life of me sell clothes to a woman if I know they are not going to look good. Especially if they ask my opinion.
I also used to work in the cosmetics industry. The hype around so many of these products astounds me.

Captain Jep said...

Sic vita est

Anonymous said...

so, how do we contact this paragon, to sign-up for a seminar? It sounds perfect.

T xx

msHedgehog said...

@LondonTango - retail therapist! That's brilliant. You should put up a brass plaque and advertise yourself. "I will shop with you and tell you if your ass looks big in that, in an attractive American accent. Daily, half-daily, and hourly rates, on-call fees by agreement. Bored boyfriends - escape the boyfriend creche or looking at 20 identical dresses! Ask me about Gift Certificates!"

@T: I think you can email him - his blog is here - but I think he's in Cardiff or something.

Anonymous said...

H, we no longer say anything about our butt looking big, but does my butt look good in this. We use jargon such as flattering or snug. I think you have given me a good idea for being a personal shopper. I am very good at spending other people's money!

msHedgehog said...

Definitely. Freelance - just think how much happier clients would be with you than with a 25-year-old hired by the department store. Of course you have to go for the older, richer clients (and charge a hefty fee - essential for marketing purposes - as a luxury item).