Sunday, 13 April 2008

O Hedgehog, thou art translated!

Someone got here by searching for "shut up and dance". (Two page views!)

I didn't realise until I clicked through that offers to translate me into French.

The result is a glorious gibberish. Sometimes the sense survives in part, sometimes it doesn't. Mostly, my prose style throws it half way through the sentence. But I'm charmed with the intermittent translation of followers as adeptes (that would be "follower" in the cult sense), and I'm tempted to relabel my "annoyances" as "ennuis".

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tangobaby said...

Unfortunately my five years of French studies still does not allow me to discern gibberish from useful translation, but it sounds to me like ennui is a perfect translation for something experienced in tango and should be used more often!