Saturday, 8 December 2007


As well as (I hope) an agreeably scented armful, and a nicer dance than you'd expect from my experience, I learned tonight that I am also, sometimes, a cold nose.

It's always intriguing to see yourself from someone else's point of view, and my favourites are the trivial details of the same kind that make a novelist's description live.

There's a moment in HMS Surprise where Patrick O'Brian writes something like - "she was wearing a hard blue dress, tediously embroidered with pearls". He was a magnificent writer and I love that line, about a very beautiful woman in a difficult situation and a bad temper. You see her standing there, in the lap of luxury, having made a poorer-than-usual choice of outfit that afternoon.

I was delighted with my cold nose news - apparently rather nice in a hot room - and giggled for the rest of the tanda.

And he was my second dance of the night, so presumably my nose was also cold for the first one - but I don't think we did whatever it was that caused the end of my nose to make contact.

It's a long and slightly scary walk from the station to tonight's venue, but it seems much shorter on the way back when you're nice and warm.

And I'm sure my eyelashes sometimes tickle.


Anonymous said...

I definitely like tickling eyelashes! That's why tango works better when you take your spectacles off ....

msHedgehog said...

I remember one time realising that my eyelashes were in contact, and I was blinking in time to the music, like I was doing little ornaments!

I thought "Woman, that's Too Silly."

Anonymous said...

No, that's lovely .. and for a leader, a great complement.

Now if only we leaders could work out how to breathe in tango .. breathing in huffs and puffs down your follower's earholes isn't quite tango...

msHedgehog said...

Anonymous, I'd never thought about that until you mentioned it, but it happened last night and I thought of your comment. I was having a really good dance and I noticed his noisy breathing.

It doesn't really rate as an annoyance with me, but some people do make a lot more noise than others. Perhaps they're less fit, and it's just the effort? Or perhaps it's like forgetting to breathe when you concentrate, so it gets distorted?