Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Powerpoint Tango

It's very tedious when the lead is pretty much unaware of my response unless something goes badly wrong. If I dance perfectly, we'll both get some aerobic excercise, and I'll otherwise go unnoticed. It sometimes goes with incessant talking.

I don't know why some people bother. They might as well be dancing with a Playstation, pressing buttons with a requisite sequence and speed. And talking at the same time.

The difference between this, and just walking to the music with someone who's aware of my response, is the difference between Death by Powerpoint and chatting with a friend.


Psyche said...

Great analogy. I loathe Powerpoint.

msHedgehog said...

There is a really beautiful essay somewhere by Edward Tufte called "the cognitive style of Powerpoint" about how Powerpoint creates stupidity. I think a lot of the material is at his website.

koolricky said...

101% in phase. I am tempted to call it autistic tango but it wouldn't be very politically correct. Oops, did I just say it?