Thursday, 10 January 2008

More G&G for comparison

For those of enquiring mind, here's some more Gustavo & Giselle. After Christmas they went to Amsterdam and performed to some of the same pieces of music. If you play this and the London playlist (why not open in a new window and tile them?), you can compare the "Pavadita" in Amsterdam with the one at the Crypt, and the "Don Juan" in Amsterdam with the one at the Dome, although that one's a bit dark. Track list below.

Tracks in Amsterdam - in order - with thanks to 3Oktober for the videos and track names.

  1. Pavadita - De Angelis
  2. Don Juan - Di Sarli
  3. Este es el Rey - Color Tango
  4. Tokio luminoso - Pugilese/Ariel Espandrio
  5. Palomita blanca - Troilo

Their dancing is amazing and I love their taste in music. I am deeply ignorant about music so if you have anything to say about that, comment.

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