Thursday, 24 January 2008

Last.FM Tango DJ Radio

Back to the subject of where to find tango music, look at this! This is fun; Last.FM music-on-demand. You can make radio stations. And you can also buy music.

There's one generated by a "Tango-DJs" group, but if you try to skip a track, it tends to start playing awful rock, or Shakira, for no very obvious reason. So instead I've embedded one that plays what people on the site have tagged as "tango".

As I understand it from this announcement on the blog, once they are made available, artists get paid based on how much people actually stream them.

The tango-dj one just played me something I sort of like, and haven't heard before, and wouldn't have bought after looking at the cover; but I might, now. Well, maybe not this one (Gotan Project tends to get on my nerves after the first eighty seconds), but one of them.

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