Tuesday, 4 December 2007

More clicks

Ihad a really good night on Saturday, and I have a store of joy to last all week in between being busy. I have some things to remember from my regular class as well.

  1. give it a little bit more air in the forward step when you're going round, don't step in, don't worry about stepping away, you aren't ...
  2. you can do that by collecting your feet a bit better in the middle of it instead of instinctively taking the shortcut from over here to over there, you do cover more ground but the balance is better and it's easy once you're fast enough ...
  3. and by paying more attention to the way your following foot pivots to point where you're going before it leaves the ground, which helps (2) happen.

    That all added up to a rather subtle alteration, although it doesn't sound it, and it took me several repetitions to work out what I was being told, but I think I've got it and it did feel different, and better. Also:

  4. The colgadas (where I go off my own axis and hang from the leader) worked fine, and I can even swing the axis around if I think about keeping my shoulders level and let the hips look after themselves. I only got dropped once. I didn't fall down. I just squeaked rather loudly and he remembered what he was doing and caught me.

But still, please don't throw me into colgadas unless you know how to get out of them. That tends to be the dodgy bit.

If I forget to breathe properly my lower back gets tired. Tensing up round the lower ribs is a bad habit that's not directly connected with the dancing. My Alexander Technique instructor showed me how to fix it, and I can do it perfectly well if I remember.

I've just got a piece of music on - it's the Choir of the Moscow Church singing a blessing by Rachmaninov. Have you ever heard a Russian basso profondo? How can this be a human voice?


Anonymous said...

The Alexander Technique is amazing stuff - check out their website at http://alexandertechnique.com

msHedgehog said...

I'd call it practical, and naturalistic in approach. It suits me - more and faster benefits than yoga, and without being told to breathe through your feet. It's only about 20-30% mumbo-jumbo, maybe because it hasn't been around long enough for very much to accumulate.