Saturday, 8 December 2007


I've just been to Frillseekers. I think I must have got their flyer at iknitlondon, although it's been stuck on my door and I was somehow convinced I must have got it at a dancing night. Anyway, Fran and Caroline are very nice and they sell vintage clothing.

I bought a dark-silver seventies blouse with diamante trim which I may even wear out dancing tonight. It's sexy and suits me. I tried on a fifties dress which fitted beautifully and looked sort of stunning, but I would never actually have worn because it's just not really my style. They have some really interesting coats, hats, and handbags, and some vintage knitting patterns, too.

I explained what I needed for dancing, so they will be looking out for it. It has to be reasonably sleek - not too long - not too restrictive - not too loose - nothing that can catch on a man's clothing and cause embarrassment - and ideally, it should look interesting from behind. Washability is a big bonus, and my new blouse should be fine washed by hand.


Jo A said...

I love the idea of clothing that must look good from behind. That is the one angle we seldom consider. I'm still trying to work out what looks good sitting down, since most of the working day is spent like that.

msHedgehog said...

Yes, you see all sorts of nice clothes and then you turn them round and find that the interesting or pretty or creative detail is totally absent from the back. Even quite expensive dresses, sometimes. And when you're dancing, the back is what people can see!

Psyche said...

Yep, how it looks from behind is one of my main tango shopping criteria! Others include 'will it stay put?', 'will it get too hot' and 'how does it feel to the touch?' - gotta think of the poor boys, don't want any nasty scratchy sequins under their hands!

I find it really hard to find clothes for tango. The biggest problem for me tends to be finding something that will stay put but which is still attractive. My clothes have a tendency to twist, and that means I have to be very careful about the neckline!

msHedgehog said...

I have a skirt that twists. I eventually solved it with an anti-static underskirt and a safety pin.

Nothing I wear for dancing was particularly expensive, but I have spent quite a bit on substructure - these strapless plunge bras from M&S are good, they're invisible under most things, they have three hooks and a silicone grip (like hold-ups) and they're totally impervious to the kind of leader who wraps himself around you like a motorised corset and rotates at high speed, buzzing.