Sunday, 16 December 2007

Electric butterfly

It's been below freezing at night this week, so when I get to the dancing place I have to turn myself from a hairy caterpillar (sheepskin jacket, shawl round head, rabbit skin gloves, woolly boots and socks, long sleeved knee-length zip-up hoodie) into a butterfly.

Unlike the butterfly, I reverse the transformation when it's time to go home.

Last night, the process of metamorphosis made so much static electricity, I crackled.

But when I get home, I'm still warm enough that I can get changed and go to bed without having to turn the heating on in my cold little flat. I'm warm from the inside, and it takes over an hour to dissipate; longer than getting home from my usual Saturday place.


Jo A said...

I've been crackling round the shops this week. Most embarrassing when I pay and shock the shop staff. Or perhaps they think its them?

msHedgehog said...

I think this may be what stops travelcards and Oyster cards working temporarily - you know when they inexplicably fail to work just once, but work perfectly again next time you try? I'm persuading myself that it's static electricity.