Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Out of Office Message

I'm going to be on holiday for a week and a bit.

I'd like to introduce Ms Pigeon ("I get everywhere, I eat anything"). She writes about Food. She's related to me and I love her very much :-*

On tango: Mari has a great piece about the danceability of music. I can relate to her explanation. Playing live for dancers is a very special skill and takes an awful lot of discipline and a certain humility in the musicians; I think you really have to want to do it because you like making people dance, and not as an adjunct to just performing music on its own. When it works it can really be a two-way thing between dancers and musicians (counting each set as one), or on good days even an exponential-number-of-ways thing between musicians and all the dancers on the floor. In fact all her recent posts are really interesting. If you think (rightly) that I've been a bit dozy this Spring, go and read her instead. And Tangocommuter has a lot of good videos lately.

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mspigeon said...

I love you too