Monday, 9 February 2015

Two Baby Hats

For my next-door neighbour, who has produced a wee boy. I improvised the red one, using an online size guide for a newborn and putting a seed-stitch heart on the front.

The second one uses up the rest of the lovely pale-brown alpaca that I used for the blanket on the friendly alpaca I made for a friend's granddaughter.

This time I followed a pattern, "Djvellue", which you can get on Ravelry. I couldn't find the two different sizes of needle normally used, which you need for the garter-stitch border, so I replaced it with TechKnitter's tubular edging, like a tiny brim.

It's a totally charming traditional style with the darling little point over the baby's nose, and the ties under the chin. I quite want a hat like that to wear myself.

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