Monday, 26 August 2013

Tomorrow's Milongas London on FB

Just a quick one especially for my overseas readers who might have missed it: there is a page on Facebook which constantly announces the milongas scheduled in London over the next week. It does not categorise or evaluate the milongas in any way except by location, which is helpfully given by Zone (see for London transport zone maps and journey planners), so you can expect to find a wider range of events listed than I would ever deal with here.

The administrator actively checks with the organisers of her listings, so you can use the listings with some confidence, although of course such information is never entirely reliable because some organisers aren't reliable, and stuff happens. You can also use it as a cross-check if the organiser's website is incomprehensible or out-of-date.

This is a lot of work and it's a useful service, so give her some love.

It's called "Tomorrow's Milongas London" and is here:

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