Thursday 24 January 2013

Trousers Too Big 1925

The main peril is, of course, accidentally looking like a clown.

But there is also this, if you accidentally order your trousers a little too wide. By David Louis Ghilchick, 1925.

"Perils of the Dance - The terror of the Oxford trousers" - David Louis Ghilchick, Punch, 1925
I think this is a less lively depiction of dancing than the drawings of Lewis Baumer in the previous two posts; perhaps Ghilchick was less interested in dancing, or perhaps it just isn't the point of this cartoon.

But there is a fashion among tangueros for rather wideish trousers, which certainly do look very nice in motion, if you get it right, and especially if you dance well; they drape a little, they flow a little, and the way the toes peep out, in their soft, pleasingly stitched and coloured dancing shoes, is charming. If you overdo it, you can look like a traffic cone. If you are not so young and you really overdo it, you can look like a Vampire. And if you dance badly you just look foolish.

And, this can happen.

But risks are the whole point of difficult garments. Seeking to answer the question "can I carry off this possibly ill-advised style?" correctly is a rather basic part of being a human whose immediate needs are met. It exercises the artistic sense, and teaches modesty and wisdom. Enjoy your trousers. Beauty is always dangerous.


Preen and Ogle said...

Live dangerously. Dance with trousers with turn-ups.

francoise_hardy said...

It is all a matter of the exact right length for your trousers - fix that and the width is not an issue. This is how I found out one of my legs is shorter than the other.