Saturday, 5 June 2010

Unsatisfactory product

I have 2 mascaras. One (expensive) which transfers itself to a neat little arc on my right cheek in close embrace with a man of appropriate height. And presumably on him as well, although I didn't spot it in time and there was enough fuzz for it not to show. Another (cheap, but not waterproof) which does not.

That is all.


Joli said...

Try the new Cover Girl mascara in the fat Orange Tube. Switched over after being a L´Oreal Lash Out devotee for 20 years. Which is still fantastic, but unavailable in Buenos Aires.

Sophie Tango said...

name and shame!

msHedgehog said...

Lancôme cils design comes off. But it is an old tube that I had put somewhere and forgotten about, so it's probably expired. About £30.

L'Oreal Double extension stays on regardless of whether I use the undercoat or not - I usually don't. About £8.50 AFAIR.

johanna said...

Hilarious. That is all.