Thursday, 11 March 2010

Me and Tango and some mad woman in the Indie

The first time I ever heard of argentine tango was at some point in the late eighties when a woman who was touring with a stage tango company had been interviewed for The Independent, which was what I used to read on the train to school when I was 13.

The interviewer asked some question about the dance which was based on having seen ballroom tango and all those little flourishes they do with their heads. The interviewee (I have no idea who she was but someone out there can probably deduce it) said very vehemently "there is nothing with the head! Nothing! It is with the legs!".

I liked, and for some reason remembered, this idea, perhaps just because of her vehemence or more likely because I had seen ballroom tango and thought all that head-flapping looked a bit affected.

I think I must also have remembered that the dance she was talking about had some connection with Argentina, but I don't know if I was aware that there was also a social version. At any rate, the memory dropped into place when I encountered tango again. It was one of the things that pleased me, and felt right.

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Elizabeth said...

Nice! Love that they are not chasing the music around but are taking it slow and dreamy. Lovely video.